Leather Umbrella

by Bozmo

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released June 1, 2014

Leather Umbrella was written and recorded by Bo Moore to 1/4" tape at Deep Walter Studios, San Francisco 2013-2014, except "Chapel of Peace", which was recorded on a laptop while sitting on a bed at my Grandma's house in MA, and "Sad Bishop" and "Leather Umbrella" which were recorded to a Tascam 424 cassette machine.
Moy plays drums on "Sad Bishop", "Wig Strut" and "Cheap Blue Memory".
Mastered by Patrick Haight at Spot-On Sound.
Cover design by Bo Moore and Nick Moore.
Photo by Jess Adler.

THANKS to Gross Wigs, Los Roys, Moy, Mike Basta for his lyrical contribution to "Wig Strut", Wodie, Jamie Moore for continuous inspiration, Jessica Adler, Joe Adler for the Peavy, the Ashby flea market in Berkeley, and Raymond Douglas Davies.


all rights reserved



Bozmo Berkeley, California

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Track Name: Leather Umbrella
I've got a new leather umbrella
It makes me feel like the handsomest fella
And you know it's not for the rain
Because my old umbrella just wasn't the same

If you're feeling lonely
Try the one and only
Leather Umbrella
Bat wing soup
You don't need to cry again
Never need to cry
Leather Umbrella in the sky

With wishful eyes I saw my angel
But she passed me by like an evil shadow
And you know it was the umbrella by my side
So I threw it away and I turned and cried, she said

"Leather umbrella, none of your business!
Who are you anyway? Look at that thing!
This is why you're lonely, why you're a nobody!
Nobody understands you!"
Track Name: Wig Strut
Bone teeth
Here comes the army
You keep a cool beak in a hot party
Heaven knows which way you go
And I'll bet it shows
Oh I feel my own energy
I hear your symphony
Oh, is it meant to be
Not like no other one?

Wig Strut
Straight through the doorway
If it takes too long, well
You can take the short way
Everybody sees
You're born to please
Oh you know what they say about
The things you can live without
I don't have no doubt about this one

Well, well
Some flies they flew
I can't help myself
But I might help you
I'm gonna tell you what I do
I'm gonna kiss you baby, oh!
What you say to me?
Oh baby please believe I'm not like no other one
Track Name: Open Wide
Open wide, see what's left
Oh, it's nothing
Dressed in red, so I don't care
Oh, it's nothing


Still no sign, I don't mind
Oh, it's nothing
Trust me now, trust me later
Oh, it's nothing

Track Name: In a Dream
In a dream, I went to jail
And you were there
So they got you too?
But after all, we really don't care
We were only trying to find
A good time

Please don't ask me how
I lost my head
Just remember that you're never alone
You're always my friend
I was only trying to hide
Just for a time

Baby, you're old enough
You really should know
When to walk away
And all the things you don't have to say
Track Name: Cheap Blue Memory
Hey man, you know you've gone too deep
Come over and we'll have some tea
We'll talk about that record you hate
I've got a copy, it's the one that you gave to me

I know you've got a new sad story
You can tell it a thousand times
But it's a cheap blue memory
It's just a cheap blue memory

They never want you to say what you see
I'm not sorry and I don't think I'll ever be

No no, I don't believe in magic
You say you're happy but you sure don't act it
Why don't you try, try to take it easy
Oh you see, there ain't nothing so worth your time
Track Name: Perry and The Vest
Perry had no money
Perry had no way to make a friend
Perry felt so lonely
Perry dreamed of when he owned that vest

Perry and the Vest (x4)

Now he no cold shoulder
Have a way to get most everything
Perry got much older
He forget just where he started from

Perry and the Vest (x4)


Perry and the Vest (forever)
Track Name: Nervous Intellectuals
Nervous intellectuals
Talking all the time
Always in a panic when
Everything is fine

Everybody's twitchin'
Acting in the kitchen
Filling every second
Debating every hour
Safe up in a tower
Throwing down a brain spike
Singing when you're nervous
Talking with no purpose

Nervous intellectuals
Talking all the time
Try to stay away from it
Try to have a good time

Can't we just enjoy
A moment with no speaking?
Have a piece of pie
Without all the critiquing
Listen to a song
That hasn't got a meaning
Be a goofy gumdrop
Raincoat feeling

Nervous intellectuals
Talking all the time
Always in a panic when
Everything is fine
Track Name: Chapel of Peace
Chapel of peace, where did you go?
How do I soothe my brain without you now?
Chapel of green bean paradise
Tropical tree on a hill of snow and ice
Chapel of blondes, don't go in there
Chapel of Aries, oh you give me such a scare

Chapel of peace, oh no
They're building the freaks

Opposable sky in negative hell
Only say Yes, and soon I'm feeling very well
Reach out for old, reach in for new
Do you believe you are dreaming, leaving you?

Chapel of peace, oh no
You're losing your lease
Oh well, I've made my own means
That means I don't need you now
Track Name: Pink Winter

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